How To Start a Website

Well, we’re about to have a damn good time.  Lets do this!


First things first… Im going to assume that you have an idea of what you want to do (If you don’t, do not fret Ill help with that too in a later post).  Lets also assume that you have a name picked out (again.. I can help here too).

I always get asked “Hey Kevin, How do I start a website?

The first thing you need to do is buy a domain name…

Soooo, lets buy a domain name!  I like to use as a registrar for my domains (STAY AWAY FROM GODADDY, THEY ARE THE DEVIL). is BAD

A couple of things you should think about when registering…

1.  Everyone HATES and never remembers dashes.  So don’t get a name with dashes in it… if you can avoid.

2. Prefer a .com address over anything else… but when you can’t, buy the next best. (.net, .org or .info)

3.  After the purchase, you need a place to host you website, I use Dreamhost for this and other sites of mine.  They have good uptime and they are easy to use. I would say stay away from free hosts such as 1and1 and others.



Also… if you want to get swanky with your domain name… try out


HEY… If you are having troubles with this part… NO WORRIES! I am working on a step by step walk through on how to do this in the coming week. Just hold tight. If you want quicker access to me and my hints… sign up to the email list over on the right.